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FIS is a technology services firm with a very dynamic working environment. We provide a productive and innovative environment for our employees to grow in. We are constantly striving to improve our employees working experience and enhance their career path. FIS provides comprehensive training options to provide opportunities for our employees to enhance current skills and develop new ones. 

We are always striving to provide our employees opportunities to work on cutting edge technologies on every client engagement. 

Why is FIS such a great place to work?

Stability: FIS has been privately owned for over 10 years and has never undergone a merger or acquisition. That fact, combined with our many long-term customer relationships, enhances stability for our staff. 

Opportunity: FIS has a proven track record in promoting employee growth from within the company. 

Incentives: FIS offers all employees an opportunity to participate in our business development plan, which rewards employees for cultivating customer relationships that result in new business. 

Fair compensation: FIS provides competitive compensation packages including health insurance, and 401(k). 

Training: FIS has a versatile training program that offers employees the ability to develop on all educational levels. 

Balance: FIS offers an ideal environment for those seeking compatibility between quality of life and professional achievement