Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

FIS has been developing mobile solutions for various organizations for over 4 years.  Our approach is not to build costly custom apps each time, rather we have developed the SmartEnablerTM Platform to implement apps very quickly.  Our platform also allows you to maintain and operate, update and monitor the app from our SaaS based web site.  Our platform has the following advantages:

  • Server Driven Mobile App Platform
  • Provides a Quick (near real-time) mobile app solution development
  • Platform features can be applied to your mobile solution in real time
  • Each feature is a functionality and has its own behavior in the mobile app
  • You select the feature and provide the data and the information will appear on the mobile app in real-time
  • Content management, forms builder and other features expedite the mobile solution implementation and provide enterprise level solutions
  • Content can all be managed from the SmartEnablerTM website
  • Data connectors, will allow you to push and pull data to and from the app to and from your existing systems and databases

Sample applications built with our SmartEnablerTM platform.

FIS Mobility

Our platform allows us to build a multi-platform app for your organization within days not months.  The platform gives you full control over your app in real-time.  The platform also eliminates the need to submit your app to the app stores each time you make a change.  Changes made to the app are pushed to the app immediately without the need to update the app.  This provides an easier delivery mechanism to the users and eliminates the time required for approval from the app stores each time.