Business Automation

Business Automation

FIS has helped a number of government organizations including NOAA, Fairfax County, Fauquier County, and a number of commercial client’s reengineer and automate business processes. Our approach includes our unique 5 step methodology as show in the figure below.

FIS Business Automation 1

FIS Business Automation 2

We work with each client to Assess and identify the current processes that would have the biggest impact on the organization if they were automated. We then Engage your team to gather the requirements and begin the design. We then continue to Improve through further prototyping and giving your team time to Test, evaluate and approve the automated workflows. Once the process automations are approved we begin to implement and deploy the solutions. Once we execute, we don’t stop there, we continue to help monitor, control, analyze, and optimize the processes as needed.


Our understanding of County business processes gives us the unique advantage of being able to expedite the automations of county processes. We also have developed a number of process automations that we can reuse to expedite the implementation process. FIS also has experience with implementing business automations using various industry’s best tools including the building of custom automation software, InfoPath, SharePoint workflows, and Nintex Workflows and forms.