New AD Environment

FIS initiated an Active Directory (AD) discovery to review the existing environment and all connected systems.

FIS then documented and propose an enhanced AD Environment capable of supporting up to 7,500 end user accounts and 7,000 desktops and laptops. The design included a detailed architecture that provides desktop group policies via an upgraded AD Architecture that uses the Novell client local desktop authentication. The design also included any new hardware and/or software, including functional specifications and estimated costs, which NARA will need to purchase to implement the new AD architecture.

The new AD Architecture is compatible with the clients existing environment used at all NARA locations and offices. The Active Directory architecture has resulted in an AD infrastructure design that, has meet the following requirements:

• Capable of 99.9% uptime;
• No single point of failure;
• IPv6 compliant; and
• Flexible enough to support future File Share migration.

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