Coast Pilot E-Publishing

The Coast Pilot application is designed to manage and maintain NOAA Coast Pilot content and to make this content readily available for coastal water way mariners, both on the web and using other electronic delivery medium. The application also includes a sophisticated integration with Adobe InDesign publishing software that enables NOAA staff the ability to produce printer ready output files on demand and on a predefined schedule.

The Coast Pilot E-Publishing application is a cutting edge solution that has expedited the process of updating Coast Pilot books and streamlines the maintenance of the large volume of the Coast Pilot books. This solution provides mariners updated information faster which in turn helps them safely and successfully navigate our nation’s waterways and inlets. As a result of FIS’ successful implementation of the Coast Pilot prototype, FIS was awarded additional funding to continue development of the Coast Pilot application, a clear illustration of FIS’ ability to produce unexpected, innovative solutions.

This innovative solutions has reduced publishing cycle from 1 year to 1 week and has allowed the Coast Pilot office to adhere to the government paperless initiative and allow the Books to now only be available for on demand printing.

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